About Us

Videntur Investment Partners is a wealth management and fee-only financial advisory firm based in Montreal, Canada. Founded in 2007 and serving wide range of private clients and institutional investors, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients by delivering strong, risk-adjusted returns together with the highest level of personalized client service.

Videntur Investment Partners is a privately owned partnership. As of 2013, our investment partners or limited partners make up about 60% of Videntur's invested capital, while the other 40% belongs to our clients. This truly means that our money is invested side by side with yours, and we have our skin in the game as much as you.

To that end, we have established a blueprint for managing an investment firm emphasizing independent ownership, stability, and the high ethical standards of a true fiduciary. We also developed the investing principles that remain in place at Videntur: a long-term investment horizon, individual security selection grounded by the relationship of fundamentals to valuation, and portfolio diversification. With this foundation, we manage equity, fixed income, and balanced separate accounts and mutual funds for individuals and institutions.

The firm’s independence frees us to pursue the singular goal of creating lasting value for our clients. The longevity and stability of our investment team enable us to fully incorporate the lessons from past market environments into the ongoing stewardship of our clients’ assets. Finally, we believe that the best way to succeed as a firm is to focus our resources on serving our existing clients well.

The philosophy that guides the management of our investment portfolios is built on traditional principles: we invest with a long-term horizon, employ a rigorous price discipline, and conduct our own research. Our decision-making process takes full advantage of individual insights within a team-oriented culture. These factors drive the achievement of the competitive returns we seek for our clients.