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For many, retirement will last as long as, if not longer than, their working lives. Are you prepared?

If you're scared, short of time, or don't feel confident doing the research when looking for complex financial products, you'll find financial advice worthwhile.

Videntur Investment Partners is a fee-only Independent Financial Advisory firm that will partner with you, plan with you and accompany you throughout every step of your financial life, in order to successfully accomplish your financial goals.

Taking control of your financial situation starts with a financial advisor taking time with you. At Videntur you can on an investment manager to provide 100% dedication to your financial goals and interests.

Personal Finance Advisory Services

Personal Financial Planning

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. This cannot be more true in the context of your financial future. Without a clear and conscise plan, you will not know where are you really headed, and your advisor will not be able to help you achive your goals, since they are not really existent. At Videntur we stronlgly recommend our clients to establish a solid, realistic and well-balanced plan as the first step towards a succesful relationship.

A good financial plan will act as a map and campus towards achieving your life's goals and help yu and your advisor reach the set milestones faster. Please read this article at Forbe's magazine on the 10 reasons why financial plan is critical for your financial futurecontent.

At Videntur, we are big believers in continuous improvements through the Plan-Do-Act-Check cycle. We recognize the individualistc realities and lives of our clients, hence the uniqueness of their goals and concerns. Just as we and our families mature and improve throughout the years, so should our financial planning process. At Videntur we remain aware of these ever-changing realities. That is why our flexible financial planning process, which start with the creation of a solid and achievable financial plan, is a continuous improvement process that end with the achievement of all your financial goals and a happy and wealthy future for our clients.

Personal financial planning is a very complex universe of issues and decision-making. Please do not forget to check our FAQs for Financial Planning and our Financial PLanning Resources sections, for answers to the many questions you may have. And do not hesitate to conatct a Videntur Inevestment Partner to start planning for yur future today.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is the cornerstone of every good and solid financial plan. And this is for a very good reason: more than 80% of us, livig in USA or Canada, believe that we will not have enough money to retire.

Retirement isn't just something that happens late in life. It's something you create now with the decisions you make every day. From determining your goals to choosing investments, you make financial decisions that may help enrich your life not only in retirement, but each step along the way.

Whether you're in your 20s and think you have all the time in the world to save for retirement or in your 50s and have discovered that you should have started saving for retirement in your 20s, our retirement planning services are designed to help you identify your specific retirement goals and develop a plan and strategy that can help you achieve them.

Education Planning

After retirement, this is probably the most important financial concern most parents have. Will my children become what they were meant to be? Will they have all the tools and means to pursue a good education and advance in a great career. As I approach retirement, will I be able to be there for them financially, when they will need me the most? These are just a few of the many questions most parents have.

Investing in your children, is probably the best investment you will ever made. We, at Videntur, recognize the important of a good education and incourage our clients to make education planning an important element of their financial plans.

Just like with any aspect of investment planning, our advisors are experts in fining the most effective and balanced opportunities to maximise your returns and guarantee that your children benefit from the great education they deserve.

Taxation Planning

Building your wealth requires a careful look at your overall financial picture, particularly your own personal circumstances and the tax implications of your investments. You work hard in building your wealth, and you should not be giving away to the gouvernement through inmproper tax planning.

Our accountants, specialized in investments taxation and estatte planning, will be able to guide you in preparing an effective tax effeicient plan to minimize your taxation and maximize your returns.

Risk Management Planning

At Videnture we know that risk management and insurance play a crucial role in your comprehensive financial plan. It is a tool that can help you protect your dependents and business interests from financial hardship when tragedy strikes. Through the use of life, disability, long term care, and critical illness insurance, we can transfer the financial risk of uncontrollable events to a third party – the insurance company.

We use our independent status to review the offerings of all the top life insurance companies and create solutions that provide the best value for our clients. Our insurance planning process includes a thorough assessment to determine whether it is cost-effective to insure the potential risk, and then decide on the best amount and type of coverage to use. We explain your options in clear, easy to understand language so that you have the information you need to make the best decisions to protect your loved ones.

Estate Planning

Like every beautiful adventure, a life's journey eventually comes to an end. But your financial success story does not have to end with you. At Videntur, we recognize the importance of giving away your wealth to people and organizations you care the most, therefore we will provide yu with the best options for an orderly wealth transfer.

Your loved one depended on you throughout all your life. What a joy to knpw that they will continue to depend and enjoy your successes after you are gone. Please contact one of our advisors today to start your estate planning process.