Real Estate Financial Services

What we call real estate - the solid ground to build a house on - is the broad foundation on which nearly all the guilt of this world rests.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

We acknowledge that in today's realities it is impossible to have an effective portfolio and investment plans in place without including real estate strategies. Global real estate has proven over the years and centuries to be a solid source of investments income and has provided an excellent solution for generational wealth.

Individuals and families, rely heavily in real estate as a source of security and savings potential, as a source of inexpensive borrowing, and most importantly as the most valuable asset to pass on to the loved ones.

Real estate benefits and investment opportunities, for individual and institutional investors, are bundled within other services such as financial and investment planning, risk management, and corporate services. Please refer to those services for a more comprehensive approach to multiple investment options and alternatives, which include real estate as part of their offerings.

If you are either an individual investor or a corporation, seeking to diversify with real estate solutions and alternative investments, Videntur partners can help you find the best way to achieve your goals and maximize the performance of your investments.

Real Estate Services for Individuals and Families

Real Estate as part of Financial Panning

For individuals and families owning a home is most likely the first and most important investment will ever make. As such, it is important to properly evaluate the benefits and opportunities of not only enjoying a better lifestyle in your new home but also the great potential for profiting from a sound investment decision.

Many advisors or advisory firms, generally exclude real estate or alternative investments from their clients plans and portfolio and concentrate in bonds and complex fixed income schemes. However, the past decade has proven this to be wrong, hence hurting the investments and the retirement portfolios of the most vulnerable: those in retirement or 5-10 years before retirement.

At Videntur, we see it differently! With proper planning and solid risk management in place, we will review all aspects of your real estate investments and holdings and will provide the best possible advice in better managing and enhancing the returns.

Most answers to common questions about real estate as in investment and asset class are better answered in the Real Estate FAQ section, where many clients like you have asked their questions and we have provided the answers. Make sure your visit and if you have additional questions do not hesitate to ask them. There you will also find how Videntur is different than your average advisor and investment manager.

Real Estate as part of Investment Management

At Videntur we consider the real estate asset class as an important element of diversification of your investment portfolios as well as your longer-term financial and life planning. As such, we have implemented various plans and strategies on how to include real estate holdings in your investments.

Many consider real estate as just buying a house, a vacation home, or a second property for rental. This is not true anymore! Real estate investments, both through direct or indirect ownership, come in many shapes and forms each having its own risk/reward balance. Please visit the Real Estate FAQ for answers to the common questions and contact us for an overview of how you can diversify your portfolio with real estate holdings.

Real Estate as part of Risk Management

Real estate through direct ownership is known to have little risk, steady appreciation and no volatility, hence it provides an excellent way to reduce the overall risks of your investments as well as insurance against life events. Real estate is not a substitute of all risk management plans (life, long-term, or any type of insurance) but provides for a great addition to them. Please schedule an appointment with us to discuss your risk management plans and how real estate can fit into the picture.

Real Estate as part of Estate Planning and Tax management

Real estate is what most of us, wealthy or not, eventually pass on to our children and loved ones. And for good reasons. Real estate provides for a great wealth accumulation and capital appreciation vehicle to benefit many generations. As an investment that has been proven to be successful over the centuries, it is important to take charge of a great estate planning strategy, so your gift does not prove to be a hassle for those receiving it and be consumed away by ways of taxation and improper planning.

Real estate ownership also provides for very effective way to minimize tax liabilities and in many occasions is a great choice to receive government subsidies and tax deductions. The savings occurred can be than invested elsewhere to provide a good asset diversification, or be invested in the properties to generate even more savings. The opportunities are limitless.

Please schedule an appointment at your convenience with a Videntur representative to see how real estate ownership, direct or indirect, can benefit your investment strategies and your estate planning for your loved ones.