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A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.

Suze Orman

Accumulating wealth creates both uncommon opportunities and imposing challenges. Families of considerable wealth are faced with an array of unique needs. At Videntur, we provide investment management and advisory services to families faced with these unique needs. We provide a suite of services intended to connect families of the means with the exceptional lives they seek.

Please read this article from Forbes magazine on why a wealth advisor is necessary in your financial planning.

Our advisors will build a financial management system that will work for you today—and for generations to come. In addition to overseeing your financial situation, we hope to preserve the special sense of the family by promoting the development of each member’s human, intellectual, financial and social capital. By focusing on prospering as a family, creating opportunities for scale and efficiency can be maximized.

How a Videntur Wealth Manager differs from your average Financial Advisor.

Most of us can’t afford to hire a family office to run our finances–that’s for the billion-dollar investors. But fee-based wealth management beyond simple investment allocation is surprisingly affordable these days. Wealth managers charge asset-based fees, hourly fees, transactional fees or some combination of the three. Here’s what we do that most advisers can’t:

Retirement Planning

This is more than just an allocation of stocks, bonds, cash and real estate. Where are you going to live? Might you work part time in retirement? How will you navigate the tricky world of annuity products in order to guarantee an income stream without cleaning out your heirs?

Emergency Cash

Advisers recommend holding three months to two years worth of liquid emergency cash. A wealth manager can help you figure out your needs by figuring out what assets you might need to pony up cash to protect or repair.

Risk Management

You don’t want an insurance salesperson as your only adviser on insurance needs. A wealth manager can help figure out where you and your family are most vulnerable. Other issues involve estate risks. Do you have a health care proxy in case you’re injured or fall ill?

Trusts and Beneficiaries

Low interest rates and distressed asset values in stocks, bonds, real estate and commodities make now an ideal time to set up a Grantor Retained Annuity Trust. But those are the kinds of complicated structures that you’ll need help creating.

Asset Allocation

Many wealth managers don’t pick stocks, arguing that portfolio allocations among asset classes are far more important to the performance of long-term portfolios. Wealth managers are trained to take the larger view of stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate.

Time Horizons

If you’re investing for multiple purposes (retirement, charitable causes, college for the kids) it’s helpful to have someone who can balance a portfolio across multiple goals.

Dealing With the Other Help

Wealth managers can help you deal more effectively with accountants, attorneys and business consultants that might be working on other aspects of your financial and professional life.

Counter-party Risk

A wealth manager is responsible for making sure your assets are custodied in stable, trustworthy institutions.

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